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Heidi Warr Sphere

Catalogue ID: HW10

Heidi Warr "Tessellated Rhythms" Sphere:

Artist's statement:

I am very proud to introduce my design: Tessellated Rhythms. The Tessellated Rhythms is a hand thrown spherical vessel with an interlinking tessellated design inspired by the power of the ocean.
Tessellation designs originated thousands of years ago, some dating back as far as 4000BC when they were used to decorate walls with tiles.
Essentially tessellation designs use repeated geometric shapes to form a pattern. Similarly sized shapes easily sit together, whereas producing a design with varying sizes requires much more skill and thought.
Many artists have used tessellation designs as a basis for the artwork they create. One of my particular influences, M.C. Escher, used them to amazing effect.
In the Tessellated Rhythms design I wanted to create a tessellated design that also appears as a visual illusion. In my design I wanted to capture the ebb and flow of the ocean, so I created the interlocking shapes decorated with carefully applied slip trailing and incised straight lines to create movement and sense of flow. I wanted the design to reflect the soft undulations of a large expansive ocean; subtle, rhythmic, enchanting and powerful.

Dated: 2016

Dimensions: 7.00" high


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