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Heidi Warr "Flight of Freedom"

Heidi Warr "Flight of Freedom" Charger

The Flight of Freedom design incorporates the influence of M.C. Escher. In this design I have created stylised birds breaking free from an interlinking geometric pattern.

The inspiration for this piece developed as I reflected on the thoughts and feelings that arise when we contemplate making important decisions in life. Sometimes we don’t know how things might turn out, but when we take a leap of faith and the outcome is positive there is a real sense of freedom, like shaking off shackles and being able to fly freely.

Birds are often used to symbolise freedom and new beginnings and it was the sense of elation after breaking free and soaring high that I wanted to capture.

I have used this design on a charger (approximately 14”) and the design is limited to 5.

Dated: 2105

Dimensions: 14.00" high


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