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Heidi Warr has an established history in the collectable ceramic art market. She worked at Dennis Chinaworks for nearly 16 years and for many of them she was the principle decorator. Over the years she has amazed those who love and collect art pottery with her skill as a decorator. Her work has sold for thousands of pounds through Bonham’s Auction House and has retailed at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Now Heidi has burst forth onto the collectable ceramic art market scene with her own range where she showcases herself as a competent and outstanding designer as well as one of the finest ceramic decorators.

Heidi creates individual handmade slab built earthenware towers and decorates the pieces using traditional methods including slip-trailing, incising and different brush techniques with under-glaze colours, stains and oxides. These methods date back hundreds of years and she is keeping important traditions alive. The pieces she creates are bold statements which merge the traditional with the contemporary.

Each design has a meaning and a message, which as an authentic artist she feels it is important to convey through her work. Seeing the execution of her skills on the earthenware towers, one is left in no doubt about the quality and desirability of the pieces.

It is unquestionable that Heidi has a long career ahead of her as a unique artist, able to design, create and decorate her own ceramic art pottery. It will be thrilling to be part of her journey as she grows as an artist and satisfies our passion for highly collectable and exquisitely decorated ceramic artwork.